The correct professional to implement and supervise ABA treatment is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  The most effective ABA maximizes the hours of direct contact by the BCBA.

Just as the correct use of ABA results in individualized treatment, ABA Professional Services, LLC is established to meet unique needs.  There is no package of ABA treatment.  The experienced BCBA’s of ABA Professional Services, LLC work with you to develop the most appropriate application of the ABA science to change behavior.

It is the Science of Behavior regardless of diagnosis or age.  The BCBA’s of ABA Professional Services, LLC are qualified to assist individuals of all ages with or without a variety of diagnosis, and to evaluate a multitude of programs, businesses, or organizations.  We come into your homes, schools, programs, and community to help you identify, accomplish, and monitor behavior changes that will improve your quality of life, efficiency, and accountability.

• Skill Development
• Behavior Reduction
• Promoting Dependence
• Improving Quality Of Life
• Transition Services
• Program Development
• Program Consultation
• Supervising In-Home Programs
• Family Consulting Services
• Contracting With Schools, HCS, ICF-MR, MHMR Community Centers
• Quality Improvement & Systems Consultation
• BACB Required Supervision
• Public Speaking

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