Jeff Enzinna, M.S.

Jeff Enzinna, M.S. is a licensed psychological associate and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years experience.


• Thirty-four years of experience in providing services for people with developmental disabilities.
• Thirty-one years of management experience in MHMR services including four years as chief executive officer.
• Knowledge of Best Practices in services for people with developmental disabilities.
• Knowledge of regulatory standards including HCS, ICF/MR, DADS, ECI, DARS.
• Developed agency resources and services to enable expansion from $1 million budget and 70 staff to $26 million budget and 425 staff.
• Successfully merged three state agencies providing MHMR services.
• Developed partnerships with advocacy organizations and affiliated agencies.
• Commitment to delivery of services of the highest quality.
• Commitment to development of consumer-focused services.
• Developed Behavior Treatment and Training Center serving initially adults with severe challenging behaviors. Later transformed Center into service system for short term residential services for children with severe problem behaviors, outpatient behavior therapy services for children and adults and comprehensive day treatment program for children with autism spectrum disorder.
• Developed largest Home and Community-Based Services program in Texas. • Developed and managed residential services involving 26 group homes and over 100 foster care homes.
• Developed and managed quality day habilitation programs providing vocational training, supported employment and daily living skills training to over 350 individuals daily.


ABA Professional Services, LLC Richmond, Texas, 2010-present

Private practice providing services using applied behavior analysis. Consultation is primarily focused on assisting agencies to develop services for children and adults with developmental disabilities who display seriously challenging behavior as well as specialized services for children with autism spectrum disorder. Services include business plan development, budgeting, identifying funding streams, recruitment of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, program design and development, staff training, management systems, data systems, evaluation and quality management systems.

Director, Developmental Disabilities Services, Texana Center Rosenberg, Texas, 1999-2010

Director of developmental disabilities services for Community MHMR Center serving as Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority for a six county area. Responsible for development and management of services to approximately 1,500 individuals. Services included eligibility determination, operation of 26 group homes, foster care homes, supported living programs, two respite homes, seven vocational and habilitation training centers, behavioral supports, nursing, service coordination. Operated a short term residential treatment center for children with challenging behavior. Developed services for children with autism spectrum disorder including a day treatment program serving 30 children. Managed budget of $26 million and staff of 425. Assured standards and contract compliance with DADS, HCS, ICF/MR, DARS.

Executive Director, Central Gulf State Operated Community MHMR Services Richmond, Texas, 1996-1999

Chief Executive Officer of agency which was the Mental Retardation Authority for a six county area and the Mental Health Authority for two counties. Responsible to plan, facilitate, coordinate and provide services to people with mental retardation, autism, pervasive development disorders and mental illnesses living in the communities within the region. Consolidated the services of three agencies into one. Developed the administrative, support and clinical structure for this new agency. Services and supports were provided to approximately 900 individuals with developmental disabilities and 200 individuals with mental illnesses. Mental retardation services included operation of 41 group homes, 19 foster homes, supported living programs, five respite homes, seven vocational training and employment centers, an early childhood intervention program, in-home and family support program, habilitation programs, professional and support services, and case management. Mental health services included psychiatric services, medication related services, crisis resolution, rehabilitation services, supported employment, supported living, first time offender services, child and youth services. Managed budget of $20 million and staff of 580. Assured standards and contract compliance with TDMHMR Community Standards, HCS, ICF/MR, TRC, PRS children’s foster care, ECI and other relevant standards.

Executive Director, Richmond Community Mental Retardation Services Richmond, Texas, 1995

Director of Mental Retardation Authority providing community-based services for over 600 persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities in four county area. Operations included 35 group homes, 20 foster care homes, supported living programs, four respite homes, as well as in-home respite, host family and voucher respite programs, six vocational centers providing vocational training, sheltered and supported employment, early childhood intervention program, in-home-and-family support program, habilitation programs, professional and support services, case management, continuity of care. Managed budget of $13 million and staff of 450. Assured delivery of quality services and compliance with TDMHMR Community standards, HCS standards, ICF/MR standards, PRS standards for children’s foster care, TRC standards, ECI standards, and other relevant standards. As program separated from Richmond State School in 1995, established systems for quality assurance, staff development, business and accounting, purchasing, and human resources.

Director, Richmond State School Community Services Richmond, Texas, 1987 – 1995

Directed community mental retardation services for state facility. Agency was Mental Retardation Authority for four county region. Responsible for development and delivery of services including residential services provided through group homes and foster care, vocational training and employment services, early childhood intervention services, respite, professional and support services. Responsible for standards compliance. Expanded operating budget from $1 million to $12 million.

Director of Programs, Fort Bend County Mental Retardation Services: Richmond State School Richmond, Texas, 1986-1987

Served as Director of Mental Retardation Services, responsible for administration of community-based services and supports for persons with mental retardation in Fort Bend County. Areas of responsibility included operation of group homes, foster care, vocational training, professional and support services. Provided direct or indirect supervision to approximately 75 administrative, professional, direct care and training staff. Assured delivery of quality programs, treatment and services. Developed new services to meet the needs of the community and program. Assured compliance with TDMHMR Community Standards and other relevant standards.

Director, Behavior Treatment and Training Center: Richmond State School Richmond, Texas, 1986

Developed and managed new community-based residential program designed to treat clients with severe behavior problems. This project was designed for short term treatment in a residential setting for clients from the community whose behavior could otherwise result in institutional placement. Individuals were then returned to the community with technical assistance and support. This program was available to clients throughout the state and accepted the most difficult to manage from the state.

Unit Director: Richmond State School Richmond, Texas, 1979-1985

Director of residential unit serving 188 adolescents and adults with moderate to profound mental retardation; one of the two buildings being a behavior treatment environment for exclusively aggressive and self-injurious clients. Supervision of and accountability for 180 professional and paraprofessional staff. Responsibilities include assuring delivery of services in areas of behavior management, skill acquisition training, nursing care, social service, direct care, as well as personnel management, fiscal management, standards compliance.

Psychologist: Richmond State School Richmond, Texas, 1976 – 1979

Psychologist for unit of 120 individuals with severe and profound mental retardation displaying aggressive and self-abusive behaviors. Responsible for development, implementation, and evaluation of behavior treatment programs. Supervision and accountability for 24 training staff. Established and taught aggression intervention techniques and programs for campus. Assisted director in administrative responsibilities.

Intern, Behavior Research Laboratory, Anna Mental Health and Developmental Center Anna, Illinois, 1975

Program development and evaluation for skill training and behavior treatment for persons with mental retardation. Staff training in behavior analysis and data systems. Research in treatment techniques.

Research Assistant; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois and Jackson County Workshop, Murphysboro, Illinois, 1974-1975

Experimental design consultation, design and construction of laboratory equipment, program development, implementation, and behavior treatment at workshop for individuals with mental retardation.

Research Assistant: Anna State Hospital Anna, Illinois, 1973-1974

Research in indices of differential recovery rate of neurological and attentional relevancy discrimination of active and withdrawn schizophrenics.

Technician: New Haven Center Carbondale, Illinois, 1974

Direct care, behavior treatment and skill training at center for individuals with mental retardation and mental illnesses.

Mental Health Technician: Elgin State Hospital Elgin, Illinois, 1972

Direct care, behavior treatment, and therapeutic counseling with population of individuals with mental illnesses.


Master of Science/Behavior Modification/January 1976/GPA 3.86 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

Bachelor of Arts/Psychology/June 1974/GPA 3.79 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois


Licensed Psychological Associate #12162 Board Certified Behavior Analyst #1-01-6816

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